• 1.Direction Indication Circuit Board Has No Power

    A. Check the contact and connection terminal 1,2,3 on counter panelThe failure on main control panel or terminalsA1. Check the terminal 5,6 on main control panel J1 with multi-meter to see the level output;A2. If no level output, check the chip connection with power off, if still no display, it shall be the failure of main control panel, which shall be repaired or changed;A3. If it has level output, check the connection between terminal 5,6 on main control panel J1 and terminal 4 on indication boardFailure on direction indication circuit boardA. If above checking still can not solve the problem, it shall be the problem of direction indication board which shall be repaired or changed

  • 2.Card Reader Fails to Read The Card And Has No Directing Voice

    The card is invalidA. Issue a new card or change a new oneThe antenna board failedA1. The connection between card reader and antenna board is looseA2. The antenna board is damaged, needs to be repaired or changedThe card reader failedA. Repair or change the card reader

  • 3.Press "Open", "Close" or "Stop" After The Railing Barrier Is Powered On

    Press "Open", "Close" or "Stop" after the railing barrier is powered on, but the equipment refuses to operate,the possible reasons are as followsNo output voltage in the control box:a. Check whether the fuse in the control box is burned;b. Check whether there is evident damage on electronic components on the control boardDamaged capacitor during motor startup: Press ON/OFF button, there is vibration in the motor, but it refuses to operate. The capacitor may be damaged, and it shall be replaced.The motor is burnt, and the judging methods are as follows:a. Check whether the two outgoing lines of the motor are connected;b. Check whether the smell of the insulating paint is very strong.Long-term conduction of photoelectric switch: Unplug the photoelectric switch plug-in unit, the railing barrier can be opened and closed. However, it does not work when the plug-in unit is plugged; it means that the photoelectric switch is damaged.The synchronization belt is broken. Open the top cover of the cabinet, and check whether the belt is broken.Small gear wheels are broken

  • 4.Railing BarrierDoes Not Stop Working.

    During the railing barrier opening or closing,some objects come into contact with the pressure electric wave tube, but the railing barrier does not stop working.The reasons are as follows:There is leakage on the pressure electric wave tube;Bad contact between the pressure electric wave switch’s two connecting terminals and the control box’s connecting lines, or damaged pressure electric wave switch;The photoelectric switch or the control box is damaged.

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