Daily maintenance of automatic bollards


Daily maintenance of automatic bollards

Any goods will be damaged or broken down in the process of use, and so will the rising security bollards. Therefore, daily maintenance and regular inspection are the basis to ensure that the equipment can be in good working efficiency. What are the precautions for the daily maintenance of the electric bollards:

1. Check the working status of switches, buttons, indicators, and buzzers once a month;

2. The transmission mechanism and mechanical fixing mechanism of the equipment shall be fastened with conventional screws;

3. The screws on each wiring terminal and each electrical element shall also be checked once a month to see if they are loose;

4. Regularly conduct dust removal and maintenance operations on the surface of electric bollards equipment, electrical control system, and hydraulic control system;

5. In the process of electrical maintenance, the relevant power supply must be cut off in time, and signs such as maintenance and overhaul must be hung on obvious positions;

6. Stop working immediately and check the automatic rising bollards regardless of any abnormal phenomenon of the electric bollards. Only after the abnormal conditions are solved can it be restarted for work again;

7. Keep the drainage at the bottom of the electric bollards unblocked and the surrounding clean to ensure the service life, performance, and waterproof tightness of the electric rising bollards parts. In large ice and snow days, if there is serious ice inside the column, stop the lifting, and use it after freezing by heating and other methods;

8. Add lubricating oil regularly to ensure flexibility and no jamming during operation. During operation, the “squeaking” friction sound can be basically determined to be due to the lack of lubricating oil. Stop working immediately and find out the reasons. It is not allowed to operate forcibly, which is easy to cause unforeseen hidden dangers.

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