QR code tickets turnstile gate and access control system


How deos QR code tickets works with the turnstile gates ? 

please check below description:

 QR turnstile gate 


1Full height turnstile gate

1. Stainless Steel 304 material.

2. Waterproof. outdoor using. 

3. Bi-directional, each lane can be used as both enter and exit lane.

2QR code reader

1. Connect with Access controller.

2. Used to read authorized QR code tickets. 

3. Both enter and exit site should equipe one unit.

3Access controller

1.Connect between turntsile gates and ticketing system.

2.Used to judge the tickets' validity and upload the records to system. 

3.Each lane need equip one unit. 

4.Each controller with an uniq IP address, which need add in 

ticketing system.

4Network switchUsed to connect between access controller and ticketing system.
5Ticketing system

1. Manage the turnstile gates lanes by controller IP address.

2. Creat different type of tickets for Football Academy Stadium with different limits of authority. (for example. a same ticket can not enter by two times) 

3. Selling Tickets. Refund tickets. 

4. Check Financial Statements.

6PrinterPrint Tickets with QR code and tickets informations
7QR code ticketsPaper tickets with ticket informations on it.
8Tickets scanningScan the tickt's QR code to the QR code reader, if the tickets with validity, the gate will open.
9Ticket scannerUsed to refund the tickets

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