Office building Swing Barrier Gate With The Temperature Detect


Office building Swing Barrier Gate With The Temperature Detect 

Office temperature detect swing barrier gate solution is very hot required by office .

Below is a new solution case for office.

Temperature detect function support voice and display show , support 10 lanugage and various display language show, 

No touch solution , any interest please free to contact us for more details.



Structure parameters

Housing material

304 grade stainless steel


Cover 1.5mm body 1.0mm


Independent development patent mainboard

Arm material


Technical parameters



Lane width


Passing speed

35--50 people/min

Open/close speed




Turning angle

90 degree

infrared sensors

6  pairs


5.000.000 times


Indoor or outdoor

Rotating directional

Single way or Bi-directional adjustable



Operating temperature

-25 to 70

Relative humidity

5% to 95%


Carton box inside. Wooden case outside

Electronic parameters

Power supply

110-220V/AC, 50/60HZ

Rated power


Input signal

Dry contact


Basic Function

² The entry and exit directional can be set independently, free mode / forbidden model

² Automatic reset function: The swing barrier will open the arm after receiving the valid opening signal when standby. 

The swing barrier will return to the hindered zero position automatically under the following situation

--. Within the allowed time, pedestrians have been detected to pass through the passageway in specified direction;

--. Over the allowed time, there is no people passing through the passageway.

² Self-recovery function: The swing barrier do not return to the hindered zero position because of human intervention. 

After revoking human intervention, the gate automatically return to the hindered zero position.

² Direction indicator: The direction indicator is installed on the top of the housing cabinet to indicate the valid passing direction

² Compatibility: Equipped with dry contact signal input interface can make sure compatible with all kinds of access controllers

office building swing gate

facial temperature detect gate

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