Swing barrier for Beijing airport


                                           Swing barrier for Beijing airport 

         Shenzhen Tongdazhi have install our turnstile all over the world .Our swing barrier have install in Beijing airport Exist .

Products parameters:


1. Size:  diameter 168* 1050(H)mm

2. Swing barrier arm length: 500-800mm can optional .

3. No drive motor

4. Rotation angle: 90 degrees

5. Working methods: manual by hand (single or double direction)

6. No power needed

7. Operating temperature-25OC - 70 OC

8. Material: 304 stainless steel


The widen lane is optional for carrying luggage and wheelchair access.

Equipped with the dry contact signal input interface, compatible with all kinds of access controllers.

It will alarm when break in illegally, followed by people,passed overtime,damaged for equipment.

After swiping card in normal condition, if within the permitting time passages do not pass, the system will

cancel the users’ pass right and arm close automatically

Arm automatically open when the power off to make sure safety In case of emergency

Optional for external counter to record the people numbers for each lane

Swing barrier for airport

swing barrier gate

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